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SEA-invest is one of the world’s largest terminal operators for dry bulk, breakbulk, fruit and liquid bulk. The group has established a worldwide reputation in the fields of stevedoring, warehousing and other port related activities. SEA-invest is active in no less than 23 ports spread across two continents and is integrated in a great number of industries.. Our proximity and connectivity to both the producer and the end destination has enabled us to become a crucial link in our customers’ supply chain. This website introduces you to our wide range of activities and to all the various companies within the SEA-invest group. Discover what SEA-invest can offer you. Discover an ocean of opportunities!

All over the world, billions of people use and consume dozens, maybe hundreds of products each day. We relish a slice of exotic fruit or sip a delightful cup of coffee, we enjoy our warm, comfortable homes, have a reliable car in our garage, and love the sight of our shiny hair. We have become so accustomed to these products adding colour to our lives, that we barely give a thought to the fact that these products have travelled halfway around the world before ending up in our shops.

What the consumer has grown so accustomed to, however, is a matter of life and death for each producer. It is with utmost precision, hard work and enormous passion for the trade, that a producer can arrive at a product that outshines those of all its competitors. It is a process that requires continuous product innovation and enormous investments to reach such a level. It is only upon reaching its end destination, however, that a product finally offers the expected return. It is therefore clear, that the distribution of goods is a crucial link in the product delivery chain.

SEA-invest is that crucial link. A very reliable link! We consider it our duty to handle goods as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we do it with the greatest care. All our employees and management staff make this their daily goal. Day in, day out, they go the extra mile to offer our customers an impeccable service with the greatest possible flexibility. Whether we are active in stevedoring or transport, in warehousing or logistics, our leitmotif remains the same: Our customer’s objective is our focus!

It is thanks to this focus that SEA-invest has been able to develop and build itself from the coal- and scrap-handler it once was, to the company it is today: an international holding, spread across two continents, employing five thousand five hundred people and having established a worldwide reputation for the handling of dry bulk, fruit and liquid bulk.

We do not, however, intend to rest on our laurels with what has already been achieved. Our continuing quest for the highest standards of efficiency and customer satisfaction pushes us forever forward. Flexibility, innovation, optimisation, expertise and customer orientation form our core values, the fundamental beliefs from which we evaluate ourselves daily, and which allow us to make ‘quality’ our standard. That is why SEA-invest can boast several quality certificates on each organisational level.

As well as being result-driven, SEA-invest continuously invests in human resources and the environment. It is our conviction that employee safety must always takes priority over economic targets. Our respect for the planet, pushes us to impose stricter environmental standards. SEA-invest is fully aware of its responsibility to contribute to a safer and healthier environment for today’s generations and especially those to come.

This website endeavours to introduce you to the many facets of SEA-invest. We warmly invite you to take a closer look at our different divisions.

We remain at your disposition, ready to provide you with detailed answers to any specific questions or wishes you may have.

Discover the world of SEA-invest.
Discover an ocean of opportunities!

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