Liquid Products

SEA-tank, an independent and neutral tank storage operator, is part of the SEA-invest group and operates terminals in Belgium and France. In addition to this, SEA-tank offers logistic services for oil exploitation, handling, production and storage, in Senegal and Ivory Coast.

The terminals offer state-of-the-art storage and handling infrastructure for mineral and vegetable oil products, liquid fertilisers, molasses, fish oil, biofuels, oleochemicals and chemical products. The total capacity of our terminals amounts to more than 3,300,000 m³.

Different types (insulated and heatable, floating roofs, kosher, nitrogen, etc.) and sizes (ranging from 200 to 60,000 m³) of tanks are available for our customers. Services include drying, blending, homogenizing and mixing. Insulated tanks equipped with dedicated product lines and pumps avoid any contamination.

Offered services:

- Ship to ship transshipment
- Blending/homogenizing
- Heating and nitrogen blanketing
- Truck loading facilities
- Customs and excise bonded storage
- Drumming

Additionally, we offer our customers the possibility of long-term co-operation or partnerships enabling the development of tailor-made and fully dedicated tank parks and terminals.

SEA-invest creates an ocean of opportunities!

facts & figures

   > 48.000.000

- Belgium
- France
---------- Senegal
---------- Ivory Coast