Logistics & Customs Services

Logistics services

SEA-invest offers its clients total logistics services. The services offered can comprise a provision of the most suitable warehouse, silo or tank ... and/or can comprise the handling of incoming freight flows, storage, outgoing freight flows, offering ‘value added services’ and the total optimisation of the supply chain and transport management.

With respect to ‘value added services’ and in line with the handling of incoming freight flows, SEA-invest for instance manages logistics related to the production of fruit juice and operates a kiwi packing station on behalf of the client.  SEA-invest also manages the filling of oleochemicals in drums and in IBCs.

As well as offering logistics services for the offshore exploration and production of petroleum, SEA-invest also provides open and covered storage areas, lifting equipment and a quay.

With respect to transport management, SEA-invest executes cross-border shipment of all types of cargo for import and export, using extensive and efficient shipping services developed in Europe and Africa. SEA-invest ships by train, using its own goods carriages and by truck, via its own fleet, which complies the latest standards. These additional logistics services ensure that the group is capable of operating flexibly and offering supply chain management solutions that are harmonised to the needs of clients.

Customs services

As well-established customs agents, SEA-invest provides its customers with needed guidance for all customs procedures, taking care of customs clearance processes, including fiscal representation, phytosanitary control, NCTS, etc. and offers solutions for all transport and logistics challenges. Thanks to a unique data communication with the customs authorities, SEA-invest also delivers excellent services in this area for all your customs formalities, for both import and export shipments.

SEA-invest opens an ocean of possibilities!

facts & figures

- Belgium
- France
---------- The Netherlands
---------- Germany
---------- Poland
---------- Senegal
---------- Ivory Coast
---------- South Africa


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